I am over the moon to be able to announce that I learned yesterday evening that one of my prose pieces called “The Jumper” was runner up in the Federation of British Columbia Writers’ annual literary contest within the category of flash fiction. Over the course of the past week, I have had the thrill of seeing my name on the long and then shortlist before being notified yesterday afternoon that I was on the runners up and winners list announced yesterday. “The Jumper” will be published in the spring in the first contest winners’ anthology to be produced by the FBCW which is yet more fantastic news!

Having dedicated the last few months of 2021 to finishing the final edit of my contemporary novel, a boost of confidence for my prose – as opposed to my poetry – could not have come at a better time. The novel is completed and I am now tasked with defining its route to publication; an exciting journey that will be the subject of future blogs.

For full details of all the winning entries, please visit the Federation of BC Writers website:


THE JUMPER by Clare Winstanley

What the judge wrote about my flash fiction prose entry:

The Runner Up: The Jumper by Clare Winstanley

A woman appraises a piece of her knitting and tells a story in colour and stitch and pattern—each deliberately chosen to record specific memories in wool. She’s an artist, no doubt. Every word and detail work together to set a mood, to set us up for a wicked twist of an ending. I’m always a fan of the love story and I love being surprised. I thought “The Jumper” was very well done.

— Judge Ursula Vaira